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Case Study 7-98601

Production supervision that is not overhead.

IET provides shop floor Production Supervisors as a variable cost so the customer only pays for what they need.

The Customer

GM Powertrain, one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers, designs and manufactures castings, engines and transmissions.

"Your Production Supervisor is an excellent employee. In the event an opportunity became available at another site, I would give IET and your employees an excellent recommendation."

- Superintendent of Production, GM Powertrain Willow Run

The Challenge

The need for a production supervisor can happen at any time. The fast-paced nature of the customer’s high volume manufacturing facility requires new supervisors to hit the ground running and learn the system fast. To be successful, a new supervisor must earn operators’ respect and be able to work effectively in a union environment.

The Solution

On numerous occasions, IET provided well-qualified and experienced personnel to supervise the customer’s production lines on multiple shifts. These supervisors were responsible for overseeing production volumes up to 180,000 parts per day, improving labor productivity, coordinating maintenance and skilled trades support to resolve downtime issues, ensuring material availability, and adhering to daily shipping schedules. In addition, supervisors had to train new operators how to perform job functions, ensure operators’ compliance with work rules and handle union-related matters with shop stewards. IET’s production supervisors consistently met the customer’s requirements, which led to long-term support in this plant and others within GM Powertrain.

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