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Case Study 1-2

Lean manufacturing.

IET designed and led two 5-day Kaizen blitzes as part of Automation Actuator Division’s journey towards lean manufacturing

The Customer

An automation supplier who designs and builds cylinders and actuators used in computer controlled manufacturing and assembly equipment.

The Challenge

Collaborated with the client to select specific projects for blitz that would begin moving the client toward their future Value Stream Map. Utilize 5S, Set-up Reduction, Total Productive Maintenance and Kanban tools. Developed training materials for each tool. Led a group training session and facilitated individual project teams. All improvements must yield a faster response to customer needs. The company relies on this faster response as one of their competitive advantages.

The Solution

Reduced floor space dedicated to assembly cells by 33 % and improved labor productivity 20 % through layout improvements and visual contents. Eliminated WIP and reduced component levels at the cells.

Used SMED techniques to reduce set-up time by 10 % and identified future actions that could result in an additional 40 % reduction. Identified external versus internal activities and moved work elements to reduce setup times.

Implemented data collection procedures necessary to maintain overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Real time data such as downtime, cycle times and scrap were collected by the team and action plans developed to improve OEE.

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