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Case Study 1-08728

Ergonomic issues resolved prior to launch.

IET evaluated work elements for future ergonomic problems and developed solutions prior to launch.

The Customer

A tier one automotive supplier.

"IET did the detailed work to predict potential ergonomic issues before we made part number one and saved us a lot of headaches at launch."

- Engineering Manager

The Challenge

This supplier was faced with launching a new automotive seat program at a new facility in Mexico. The supplier wanted to head off any ergonomic issues on the fabrication and assembly lines before the program launched.

The Solution

IET used the supplier’s PEIL system to perform the ergonomic analysis. PEIL stands for Potential Ergonomic Issues List. The analysis was performed for both the front and rear seats. Each work element at every station was broken down and analyzed. Several ergonomic issues such as repetitive work, heavy lifting, bending over, forces, posture and environmental factors were identified as low, medium or high risk at each station. Recommended actions were developed for high risk factors to make improvements. The goal was to design the assembly correctly the first time with the proper workplace design and material handling aids to prevent worker injuries and ensure a smooth launch.

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