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Case Study 1-08733

OEE studies tell the whole story.

IET collected data to give accurate analysis of performance.

The Customer

Automotive transmission manufacturer

"IET spent a lot of time on the shop floor collecting data for the OEE studies. The results were hard to swallow, but the truth hurts sometimes. The data showed us where we need to improve."

- Engineering Manager

The Challenge

Provide OEE data to plant management in order to benchmark performance.

The Solution

Our client is a world class manufacturer of automatic transmissions and transmission components. In the component manufacturing areas, management wanted to benchmark current performance levels. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is an excellent overall indicator of performance because it measures availability, performance to standard and quality. IET engineers performed delay studies to measure downtime and could then calculate availability. IET also performed time studies to measure cycle times and compared it to existing standards. Defective parts were also counted to measure quality. The three factors were multiplied together to calculate OEE. Management was surprised to see OEE was lower than previously thought but the data backed up the results.

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