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Case Study 1-11919

Optimizing equipment performance for little or no cost pays big dividends.

Close scrutiny of a critical bottleneck uncovers opportunities to improve.

The Customer

A global leader in designing and manufacturing premier equipment solutions for farmers, ranchers, landowners and builders.

The Challenge

Demand for the client’s engines was strong and growing, but throughput was limited by the existing machining line’s performance. Any additional units that could be produced on this line would reduce outside purchases in the short run and reduce future capital expenditures for new equipment. The client desired to optimize performance of its existing assets for little or no cost.

The Solution

IET understood that constraint operations on the machining line had to be the focus of attention. Specifically, we had to understand all the reasons why the constraint failed to perform at 100% utilization, 100% efficiency and 100% quality. After reviewing historical production records and auditing them for accuracy with machine cycle time studies and shop-floor delay studies, IET was able to pinpoint specific losses that could be avoided for little to no cost. The following examples illustrate the kind of actions that would raise production throughput: (1) A thorough analysis of downtime records identified high frequency, short duration equipment faults that could be reduced 50% with targeted problem-solving teams, (2) Establish engineered standards for conducting routine, daily operator preventive maintenance tasks and monitor performance, and (3) Devote more supervisory attention to keep the operation staffed and running at all times during breaks and shift meetings.

The potential time savings that were identified by IET’s engineers could yield up to a 10% increase in daily throughput. Improvements of this magnitude could ultimately save millions of dollars for the client.

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