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Case Study 7-08724

Quality system auditing.

IET conducted quality audits to find potential quality risks.

The Customer

Tier one automotive supplier of injection molded and chrome plated trim components.

"IET spent a lot of time on the shop floor auditing a lot of potential problem areas across multiple shifts. They found some problems but provided objective results in a professional manner that convinced our customer we were following our system."

- Engineering Manager

The Challenge

Provide objective third party audits of their quality system to ensure their customer receives defect free components.

The Solution

IET was brought in to ensure the supplier was following their quality system. IET acted as an objective third party auditor working between the supplier and the customer. Work instructions and control plans were audited to ensure they were being followed. Training matrixes were then reviewed to ensure audited employees had proper training documentation. Records of plating tank parameters and product testing were audited to ensure out of spec conditions were dealt with properly. Weekly audit scorecards were issued to both parties detailing all audit results and highlighting problems found. By the end of the audit, the customer was satisfied that the supplier was following their quality system.

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