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Case Study 1-09778

Streamlining multi-facility flow.

IET evaluated the current production system and worked with the new facility design team to streamline a new single floor facility design.

The Customer

A leading manufacturer of smokeless tobacco products, who produces hundreds of variations of chew tobacco products for the world market.

"IET engineers replaced the opinions and assumptions of the new designed facility with sound industrial engineering modeling and helped create a new facility design that could be realistically justified."

- New Facility Program Manager

The Challenge

This process has evolved over the past fifty years and now encompasses three different buildings on multiple levels. Material flow to and from the line is a critical component of effective utilization and the disrupted layout and limited work areas have created varied constraints in the production system. A new facility plan is being considered and improved material flow will be a critical component of this new capital investment justification.

The Solution

IET evaluated current constraints, inventory and line stocking strategies, indirect labor requirements and overall material flow and worked with the new facility design team to streamline a new single floor facility design. Utilizing at-point-of-use storage, kanban line restocking, visual control systems, and lean inventory strategies, IET supported the new designs to actually reduce planned space requirements by nearly 40%. In addition, IET engineers assessed the specific labor requirements and improved line performance factors to establish confident improvements to assess cost-benefits of the new facility investment. Specific layouts and staffing models were developed to support and minimize the total space requirements. The client is moving forward with the single facility design implementation.

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