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Case Study 2-15197

Sales Representative & Delivery Driver Time Standards.

IET provided industrial engineering expertise in measuring the time required for sales representatives and delivery drivers to perform their daily tasks in order to evaluate and redesign the routes to better serve the customer

The Customer

A major beverage and snack food provider

"IET provided the data we needed to revise the routes."

- Director Route Engineering

The Challenge

The client had not conducted time studies of the field operations for more than ten years. During this time the product mix had shifted and sales and delivery technology had been significantly changed.

The project objective was threefold:

  • Modernize route engineering time standards for selling and delivery routes
  • Provide time allocation information to update segment profitability
  • Understand business dynamics and identify process improvement opportunities

The Solution

IET developed customized software on tablets to conduct the time studies and conducted pre-studies to validate the methodology. IET engineers conducted approximately 200 continuous time studies of routes in 16 cities across the United States during a six week period. This included stops at approximately 1,700 stores that ranged from gas stations, small convenience stores and restaurants to the large big box stores found in every location.

In addition to the time for each task and delays, IET engineers documented key metrics including cases ordered, cases delivered, merchandising quantities by package type and location within the store, drive time, material handling devices used and the length of gondolas serviced at each site. This allowed for additional analysis between route classes.

IET compiled the data into a comprehensive interactive dashboard model of the sales and delivery processes using Microsoft Excel. The model utilized the study data to compare current practices in different regions, market segments, delivery methods and customers, as well as to evaluate the time implications of moving to a different route type.

IET also used the data to develop parametric route time standards for each business segment analyzed.

IET engineers provided a comprehensive listing of key observations and opportunities for improvement and the top priority items recommended to improve the processes studied.

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