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Case Study 1-09785

Embrace organizational change.

IET delivered process solutions and an organizational structure to increase speed, quality and flexibility within the human resources department to better serve the customer.

The Customer

A state funded university that has more than 5,000 employees as faculty and staff

The Challenge

The client had recently undergone major organizational restructuring as the main campus and a newly acquired medical campus were being amalgamated. As expected, the human resources department was not left out of the merge. Integrating the two organizations’ unique processes was not a simple task and left the client wondering what could be improved.

IET was engaged to assess the current processes within the employment group and identify any opportunities to improve customer satisfaction.

The Solution

IET began by mapping the critical business processes within the human resource’s employment department to identify the systemic differences between the health science campus and the main campus. IET also performed interviews of the staff to identify the cultural differences between the two campuses. It was IET’s goal to match the improved, standardized processes with the customer’s needs in the context of real world application.

Through work measurement, process re-engineering and group working sessions, IET was able to deliver standardized business processes across both campuses that highlighted the best practices of each of the former processes.

Along with an improved set of processes, IET also introduced a new organizational model that was designed to breakdown the silo effect caused from management by function. IET developed an organizational structure designed around cross-functional teams. This new organization would lead to more efficient communication among the staff, more flexible workforce and improved customer satisfaction.

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