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Case Study 1-09786

Plant layout drawing turned from trash to treasure.

IET created an accurate and up to date plant layout drawing to allow planning for new programs that were forecasted to be launched at the facility.

The Customer

A small OEM and aftermarket automotive exhaust clamp supplier.

"IET did an excellent job fixing our lousy plant layout drawing. We can now plan for the future and feel confident about what we have on paper."

Operations and Facilities Manager

The Challenge

Their plant layout drawing was unusable because it was outdated, inaccurate, had too many layers and the large file size made it cumbersome to work with.

The Solution

With new programs coming, it was essential to have an accurate and up to date plant layout drawing to plan for manufacturing. The problem was, their drawing was very difficult to work with and was just plain wrong. IET was brought in to clean up the drawing file and make it right. The drawing file was initially 10 MB in size and had 500 layers. This made the drawing very cumbersome and slow to work with. It had unnecessary detail and was not kept updated with changes to the plant over the years. After field measuring the plant’s equipment, building, building columns and material storage areas, updates could be made. Unnecessary detail was erased, new objects were drawn and old objects were combined onto common layers and colors. After purging the incorrect data, the file size was reduced to 1.5 MB with 50 different layers. The layout is now correct, up to date and useable.

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