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Case Study 1-09787

Don’t get short changed.

IET delivered process solutions to minimize payroll errors while increasing processing speed.

The Customer

A public sector organization that employs more than 5,000 workers

The Challenge

The client’s payroll department was receiving criticism about the quality and speed of their services. Issues revolved around the correctness of paycheck amounts and the lengthy process time for new requests and corrections.

The client had a need for improvement and knew from previous experience the IET would be able to provide the needed support.

The Solution

The client selected a small group of professionals to work on a project team with IET to address the issues involved with the payroll process. The project team was instrumental in quickly exposing the major flaws in the process. This allowed IET to know where to place extra focus during the process measurement phase of the project.

IET created a process map to define the current system and then fed it into a failure mode effects analysis (FMEA) tool that was used during a group session. The FMEA tool was instrumental in quantifying and prioritizing the process solutions to pursue for the greatest impact to the current system.

IET and the project team worked together to identify three actionable improvements for the payroll system to eliminate processing errors by 50% and increase processing speed by more than 75%.

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