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Case Study 1-10831

First hour full power.

IET improved the startup productivity performance after a changeover.

The Customer

A large, high volume cookie and cracker manufacturer

"IET did the legwork and spent time in every department and shift observing setups and determining what it takes to make improvements. They worked closely with our team members during the trials and made it happen. We continue to realize major improvements in startup performance."

- Vice President of Continuous Improvement

The Challenge

Increase packaging line startup performance after a changeover

The Solution

The initial study showed 23% packaging productivity in the first hour and 50% in the second hour after a changeover. Startup performance had to improve in order to reduce costs. The startup problems came from a variety of sources including a bad packaging setup, a rushed packaging startup, late product from mixing, sanitation being behind schedule, product out of spec and maintenance related downtime.

Setups were observed in both packaging and mixing for several weeks on different shifts to determine the factors that influence a successful and on time startup. Methods and techniques used by different shifts were compared and best practices found. A key factor was one group would do the changeover and another group was responsible for the fine tuning at startup. A basic disconnect existed between the two functions.

A suggestion was made to make one group responsible for both. A trial team was formed to determine if an improvement in startup performance would be realized if one group did the setup and startup. After a few weeks of trials, a 35% improvement was seen in the first hour performance and a 36% improvement in the second hour. The new team was a success and was implemented on other shifts.

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