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Case Study 1-6

Solutions centered on savings.

[p>Companies with multiple facilities can compound their savings by consolidating industrial engineering projects with IET.[/p> [p>BWAY Packaging invested less than $100,000 for IET to study five different facilities. The estimated return on investment per year: $1.4 million.[/p>

The Customer

BWAY Packaging, a division of BWAY Corporation, is the leading manufacturer of rigid metal containers.

"Working with IET, we’ve been able to reduce headcount, improve material flow, and improve safety conditions. That success has led to additional partnering and we look forward to future projects."

- Rick Forti, VP Manufacturing & Engineering, BWAY Packaging

The Challenge

BWAY was seeking to improve processes, reduce costs and eliminate product variation based on data and engineering redesign. Specific objectives included:

  • Enhance throughput performance on the one-gallon can production line.
  • More effectively utilize material handling personnel.
  • Perform work measurement analysis for manning efficiency, utilization and capability.

The Solution

By observing delays on the one-gallon line for 104 continuous hours, we were able to improve preventative maintenance procedures, schedule manpower to minimize downtime and develop standard operating procedures and training.

After completing a continuous time study to evaluate the utilization of material handling personnel, we realigned work assignments and responsibilities to enhance utilization without negatively impacting workflow.

Results from a time study analysis provided the basis for solutions that combined operator activities to increase utilization on different lines.

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