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Case Study 1-7

Facility layout analysis saves money.

IET worked with BorgWarner to determine if a proposed layout was justified.

The Customer

A major automotive supplier.

The Challenge

The client required the development of a world-class transfer case layout. Material flow between component cells and assembly needed to be evaluated along with justification for the expense of any proposed changes.

The Solution

IET determined the proposed layout and found the expansion to be excessive. There were too many cells moved without benefit. IET conducted Kaizen studies to identify excessive waste, and work sampling studies to detect inefficiencies. IET established a Kanban (or pull) system to replace the existing push system, and introduced single minute exchange of dies (SMED) to reduce setup time.

IET presented the client with an improved layout that was 50% more accurate and 50% less expensive than the original layout proposed by the client. Setup time was reduced. Improved productivity and reduced waste resulted in reduced costs.

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