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Case Study 1-07654

Effective layout and visual control leads to significant printing production capability.

IET provided industrial engineering analysis and facility design to meet a 100% increase in printing production capacity and warehouse and distribution capability.

The Customer

A medium size printing company

"Our stream-lined production capabilities have opened new opportunities for sales growth and a new level of service for the printing industry."

- Vice President of Sales

The Challenge

The customer has seen significant growth opportunities in a challenging market through a reassessment of their production and warehousing capabilities and ultimately redefining potential customer expectations.

The customer needed a production control plan to ensure on-time-delivery of short-run and quick turn-around print jobs for a wide range of customer requirements. This included analysis and stream-lining of all production pre-processing, customer interaction processes, printing, secondary processing, packaging and delivery.

The Solution

IET provided current and objective measurement of the entire business process stream to the team to challenge existing paradigms of the printing production process. The solutions included electronic and web solutions to pre-production management, a production capacity planning and management board, visual control of all in-process production, a “print today and package tomorrow” philosophy of production, and significant personnel education and teamwork. IET engineers completed process mapping, time studies and work sampling, layouts and material flow plans, and led team reviews to ensure streamline process and appropriate team buy-in to changes. The improvements and changes were completed inhouse with minimal capital investment and have lead the company to see significant sales growth due to the redefined production and service model.

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