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Case Study 2-09767

What is your standard?

IET developed a model to create engineered production standards for current and future products.

The Customer

An automotive supplier that focuses on fabrication and assembly.

The Challenge

The client was using an outdated piece rate system to measure production performance and estimate pricing on new jobs. IET was asked to develop engineered production standards to accurately measure production performance and also to create accurate labor cost estimates for new parts.

The Solution

IET performed work measurements through time studies on more than 50 parts. Using unique part features and elemental time study breakdowns, IET was able to create an engineered standards creation model to develop accurate production standards for the client’s entire library of more than 200 parts.

This solution allowed the client to quickly attain standards for current production and also develop accurate standards for the future as new parts are being created. In less than 4 weeks, IET was able to deliver accurate, production ready standards and setup a system to sustain the success of the engineered standards creation model.

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