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Case Study 2-09773

Productivity Improvement.

IET assisted the client in evaluating current performance, improving methods and processes and developing standards for chemical batch manufacturing, fill lines, and order picking.

The Customer

Specialty chemical manufacturer

The Challenge

The relatively new client facility had experienced deteriorating performance in manufacturing and distribution. IET was asked to evaluate the operations and to recommend changes to reverse the negative trend.

The Solution

IET used sequential work sampling to document the performance of chemical batch manufacturing cells and fill lines. The IET engineers made minute by minute observations of the operators and categorized the status including run time, blocked, starved and downtime by reason. The results of the study showed different methods being applied on each shift or by different crews.

IET worked with the teams to document standard practices and to set standards based on these best methods. IET instituted a real time reporting board at each work center so that each team could record their production compared to their goal and document any equipment issues that were hampering productivity.

IET conducted similar work sampling studies in the distribution center and created a plan for warehouse flow and storage improvements including re-slotting, drive through racks and additional stretch wrapper.

IET engineers field measured the facility and created a current state plant layout drawing to document the space utilization. This model was used to prepare plans for additional automated fill lines, automated material handling and rearranged processing and distribution areas to support future growth.

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