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Case Study 2-09804

Productivity Improvement.

IET conducted work sampling, improved methods, created production reporting, and conducted Layered Process Audits to improve OEE levels.

The Customer

High volume construction grade fastener manufacturer

"Layered Process Audits are the tool we needed to focus the employees on the things they need to do right each and every day to maintain a high level of customer service."

- Vice President of Manufacturing

The Challenge

Production processes were running at low OEE levels causing late deliveries, lost orders and excessive manufacturing costs.

The Solution

IET used sequential work sampling to document the performance of several manufacturing cells. The IET engineers made minute-by-minute observations of the operators and categorized machine status including run time and downtime by reason. The conclusion was that operators were not following established procedures resulting in scrap and downtime. This was especially evident with new inexperienced employees.

The IET team made a number of tactical recommendations to improve the processes at each cell observed. These included revised cleanup procedures that allowed machines to be kept running longer at the end of the shift, adding counters and Andon Lights to show output, machine status and providing communication tools for the operators when they need help.

IET suggested and implemented two strategic systems. The first was to implement an operator production tracking system at each work station so that each operator could keep score of cell performance on a real time basis. The result would significantly improve awareness of expectations and well as documenting reasons why machines failed so resources could be assigned to correct the problems.

The second initiative was to introduce Layered Processes Audits (LPA). IET developed the LPA questions for each area focused on the most pressing problems observed during the work sampling studies. With LPA audits, the management staff audits the production cells several times per week on all shifts. They were empowered to make immediate corrective actions when non-compliances were observed. The result was an increase of production output by over 30% within the first few weeks of implementation.

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