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Case Study 2-10829

Was that performance acceptable?

IET performed time studies to create engineered production standards for more than 50 parts in one week.

The Customer

A furniture manufacturing company that includes molded plywood, curved & bent plywood and plastics technologies.

The Challenge

The client had just launched a new Innovative Resin Technology (IRT) production line. The production team did not have production standards and were struggling to predict throughput, accurately develop a cost model and motivate the operators with attainable goals.

IET was brought in to quickly and effectively develop engineered production standards to meet all three of the previously mentioned goals.

The Solution

IET performed time studies on all of the molding and assembly operations including setup, changeover and quality checks. IET used this data to create matrices that were used to develop engineered production standards for all 50+ part numbers made in the IRT division. These matrices were also used to develop standards for future part numbers based upon the physical features of that specific part.

Using the engineered standards, the client was able to accurately predict daily throughput, develop an accurate cost model and appropriately motivate the production team with attainable goals.

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