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Case Study 2-10852

Work measurement and standards development.

IET engineers assisted the plant and documented current operations. Industrial engineers developed job element breakdowns for each operator and conducted time studies to identify the amount of time required at each process step. The data was used to develop work standards as well as to conduct basic capacity analysis.

The Customer

Extruded tube manufacturer

"IET provided the “know how” to evaluate current methods and develop appropriate work standards for the complex operations in our facility."

- Plant Manager

The Challenge

The client plant had well dated work standards for the majority of direct labor operations. However, the standards were inconsistent and did not appear to include proper allowances for planned downtime, changeovers or personnel fatigue and delay allowances. The goal of the project was to document current direct and indirect work standards and to develop opportunities for improvements in processes observed.

The Solution

IET engineers conducted stopwatch time studies of all of the plant direct labor and indirect operations. In addition, they used work sampling to identify downtime by reason delays and other activities that keep machines from operating during the course of a normal workday.

Numerous opportunities for improvement were identified and implemented in the revised work standards. The new work standards were input into the plant ERP system and were successfully used for creating plant budgets for the upcoming fiscal year.

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