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Case Study 1-08701

Make room for improvement.

IET delivered a streamlined process plan and a customer check-out strategy to increase throughput during peak hours at a university pharmacy

The Customer

A university pharmacy that works concurrently with the medical college to provide prescriptions for all staff and students

The Challenge

IET’s client had run out of room to operate efficiently. With increased capacity demands and future growth on the horizon this pharmacy needed a process makeover coupled with adequate facility space to cater to higher throughput conditions.

Current layout flaws included inadequate space for medication delivery and storage, wasteful workflow paths, minimal privacy at checkout and unacceptable check-out processing time during peak hours. All of these factors opposed the pharmacy’s projection for future capacity increase due to benefit incentives.

The Solution

IET performed work sampling studies and time studies to understand the process requirements and resource demands. From this information, a process record that visually represented the elements required by each key resource for filling a prescription was developed. Using this visual tool, a streamlined process was developed for implementation.

All of the current layout flaws were alleviated during the re-design phase by incorporating the newly developed streamlined process. Increased space was provided to ensure appropriate facilities for increased capacity.

To increase customer throughput at the checkout desk, multiple server windows were introduced. This change in strategy allowed flexibility for point of service improvement at a real time pace when the customer demands it at any point during the day.

Keeping an eye on the future, the expanded pharmacy layout is versatile to incorporate the potential for future expansion/benefit initiatives such as a drive-thru window or a prescription delivery program to campus staff.

IET delivered a re-designed process that improved throughput by 100% with appropriate manning levels. Minimal facility expansion costs were required by effectively utilizing the current building structure.

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