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Case Study 3-04342

Strategic planning pays off.

IET helped this client avoid problems in the future by proving that their current facility could not support the new business already on the books.

The Customer

Inalfa Roof Systems is a tier one automotive supplier and one of the largest providers of vehicle roof systems.

The Challenge

The customer’s business was taking off as it received one new program award after another. The current business was under control, but it was clear that the future was going to require some changes. Company management realized they needed a facilities roadmap to guide them successfully as new programs came on-stream.

The Solution

IET assembled all current and new program information for the next six years, including production volumes and the associated manufacturing and storage space requirements. Using this information, IET developed year-by-year detailed layouts within the current facility to accommodate the programs that would be in production. This analysis allowed the customer to visualize the total space requirements. It became clear that a new facility would be needed to support the expanding business.

At this point, an IET engineer provided project management support in locating and building a new facility. IET acted as liaison between the customer and industrial real estate brokers during site acquisition and then managed a 70,000 square foot addition to the existing structure. Upon completion, the 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility was capable of producing 250,000 units per year.

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