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Case Study 3-08749

Asset utilization driven to a new level.

IET created an adjusted manufacturing plan and process that drove the OEE of capital intensive production up by nearly 40% to reduce costs and ensure on-time delivery of critical automotive components.

The Customer

A international supplier of custom welded components to the automotive industry

"IET proved the critical data collection and process simplification redesign to ensure significant performance was improved in short order."

- Vice President of Operations

The Challenge

The customer required flexible automated welding and assembly equipment to meet the varied production demands of their customers. Frequent change-overs reduced overall OEE on a 24-7 basis to less than 50% on a weekly average.

The IET team members needed to clearly measure, redesign and improve performance to drive daily performance to a consistent and reliable level. Improvements needed to be made in the short-term to ensure a cost competitive process and customer demands were met.

The Solution

IET provided critical shop-floor observation and measurement on all three shifts of production to clearly identify the non-capital improvements that could be achieved by the team. A combination of traditional time study and effective fixed-interval work sampling provided reliable data to the team explaining this critical gap. The redesigned process included standardized change-over procedures, simplified material delivery and kanban systems, and a two-ten schedule to allow flexible maintenance and improved employee morale. The improved system met customer demands within an adjustable five-day work week with the increased performance.

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