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IET worked with the Magna project team to develop a strategic and specific material storage, line delivery, and line stocking plan for a new interior program for Mazda Motors.

The Customer

Magna is a leading tier one automotive supplier in the world market with production plants world-wide.

"The IET team members brought critical and realistic industrial engineering to ensure visual and simple material flow for this critical new program."

General Manager

The Challenge

With customers demanding in-sequence and JIT delivery, the capability for mixed-mode production and storage has become a critical competitive challenge and advantage.

The new production requirements included over 100 end items that were required to be delivered JIT to the sequencing facility. The component and raw material requirements resulted in hundreds of part numbers and critical control of storage, inventory control, line delivery, line stocking, containers, and finished goods staging.

The Solution

IET worked with the production and materials controls team members to develop a realistic model of all material requirements, flows, line stocking, and finished goods strategy. This model became a basis for the detailed plant design for the materials control activities including at-point-of-use storage, centralized super market, kanban line delivery, empty container strategy and staging, finished goods storage and staging, and visual inventory management. The detailed plan was then developed to determine appropriate use of racking, bulk stacking, flow-through racking, and conveyorization. Further engineering was performed to determine appropriate use of water spiders, material handling vehicle traffic, tuggers, and restocking indicators. The results included an efficient and logical material control and flow plan for the facility and separated pedestrian and vehicle traffic for safety.

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