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Case Study 3-10842

Is the building worth buying?

IET analyzed a client’s possible expansion ideas and delivered data which would help them to make an informed decision for their company.

The Customer

A niche cookie and cracker manufacturer

"IET did an outstanding job in a short amount of time to generate ideas for fitting ovens into the building in order for us to make an informed decision on whether or not to make the purchase."


The Challenge

Provide an assessment of a building under consideration for purchasing.

The Solution

Our client was considering purchasing a 100,000 sq. ft. building to expand their baking operations. The building was currently being used for baking by another company and had two ovens in operation. IET was contacted to estimate how many ovens and baking lines could potentially fit into the building. The possibility of isolating certain lines for organic and peanut products within the building was also considered. Converting freezer and refrigeration space into storage space was also investigated. Proposed drawings were generated of the future baking possibilities and square footage by baking line was calculated.

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