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Case Study 1-08744

Pizza chain improves warehousing and distribution efficiencies.

IET created a value stream map and performed studies to identify bottlenecks and waste in the system which in turn increased throughput.

The Customer

A well known nationwide pizza chain

"We were faced with increasing warehousing and distribution requirements with no increase in square footage. IET came up with practical, low cost solutions to help us meet our increasing customer demands."

- Director of Corporate Engineering

The Challenge

Decrease delivery truck loading times, increase warehousing capacity and increase throughput through their distribution center.

The Solution

A current state value stream map was created to show critical points along the receiving, warehousing and distribution path. A timeline of a typical day was created to show when trucks arrive, trucks are loaded, and are sent out. By creating a future state value stream map, the time to load a truck was seen as a bottleneck. Continuous time studies were performed to track all of the loading activities and how much time was spent. By identifying waste in the system and changing the storage location of certain products, the time to load a truck was decreased from 311 minutes down to 227 minutes. The storage capacity of the warehouse was also increased by performing a usage and storage analysis, right sizing the inventory and relocating bulk and racked storage areas.

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