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Case Study 3-12921

Stamping operation running out of space.

Stamping plant expansion challenges storage methods

The Customer

Automobile Manufacturer

"IET spent a lot of time on the shop floor observing and documenting our current material flow and storage methods. They analyzed the data and made sense out of it. They provided a simple, low capital solution that solved our future storage problems."

- Plant Manager

The Challenge

An automobile manufacturing plant is adding a new press line in addition to the two press lines currently in operation. The new press line brings with it new die set storage, material storage, material flow and material handling challenges. The stamping building is being expanded, but will the expansion be large enough to store everything?

The Solution

A storage analysis of all material storage baskets and blank WIP was performed to calculate the number of floor storage positions required to support each die set. The daily volume for each part number, pieces per basket, basket size, total number of baskets in the system and stack height were all factors in the storage analysis calculations. Facility layout drawings were then completed that reflected the storage analysis calculations. It was found that by using their current method of storing baskets in long rows with few aisles, floor space was wasted by the part numbers with fewer baskets. To maintain FIFO, material handlers had to double and triple handle baskets to clear out rows prior to the start of a new run. Also, not enough pick locations were available when a new program was added with the third press line. The solution was to add more aisles with shorter rows of baskets to minimize wasted space and provide more unique pick locations. It was also found that material handling labor was saved by not shuffling baskets to maintain FIFO due to the shorter rows.

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