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Case Study 3-18

Big box facility design.

IET created a production strategy, facility design and business case for a new production facility to support a newly acquired business.

The Customer

A multi-billion dollar company and one of the world’s largest providers of products and services to the energy industry

The Challenge

The client had recently purchased a new business to add to their portfolio of successful product lines. First order of business, after the acquisition, was to design a new facility to support production of the new product line. The client called upon the expertise of IET to lead them in this effort. Efficiency and flexibility were of the utmost importance as the new product line was expected to expand.

The Solution

IET began by creating process maps documenting the production steps from raw material to end assembly. This process map was overlaid onto a big box facility design that essentially laid out functional areas at the most elementary level.

Next, preliminary cycle times were added to the map for capacity analysis and asset planning according to sales projections. Equipment was drawn into the big box design to add scale to the functional areas.

Material handling strategies were discussed given IET’s extensive experience in the client’s industry and others. Production volumes and part sizes were considered while choosing the appropriate strategy.

Costs of all assets for these functional areas were summarized alongside a proposed facility layout showing part flow and production volumes. This information was presented to the client’s stakeholders. IET’s proposal was considered a success and the business case provided allowed the client to confidently move towards the detailed design phase.

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