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Case Study 3-19

Project plans confidential? Bring in the professionals .

IET lead a manufacturing project team from process design through machine commissioning for a new international plant that was highly confidential. The plant opened on schedule, on budget and with quality.

The Customer

One of the world’s largest providers of products and services to the energy industry

The Challenge

IET was asked to supplement the client’s manufacturing team for an international plant design. One of IET’s core responsibilities was to determine how many and which types of machining equipment would be needed to fulfill production volume projections over the first 3 years of the plant. The processing elements were new to the client and all manufacturing knowledge had to be assimilated through process research and anecdotal evidence that could safely be shared from vendors currently supplying those operations. The detailed plans for the new plant were extremely sensitive and were required to be kept confidential from anyone outside of the project team; even the client’s own employee’s who weren’t on the project team.

The Solution

IET proved to be the perfect solution for this project team. They were able to utilize IET’s vast background knowledge in various manufacturing fields. Keeping sensitive information confidential was also nothing new for IET, so there was never a breach in shared information.

IET was able to design a process for the new production elements without ever seeing one be built through process research, custom machine design and lean manufacturing principles. From that process design, IET lead the project group all the way through machine installation and production on day one. Those steps included, machine design with vendors, equipment quotes, equipment evaluation and selection, machine procurement, machine installation and commissioning. IET acted as a vital member of the manufacturing project team and helped lead the team to a successful launch of the new plant on schedule, on budget and with quality.

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