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Case Study 3-20

Leveraging all your resources.

The client was desperate for answers on their equipment installation project. IET leveraged their years of industry experience to lead the project back on schedule with solutions that hadn’t been considered by the client.

The Customer

One of the world’s largest providers of products and services to the energy industry

The Challenge

The client was falling behind on their deliverables to ensure the successful installation and commissioning of a multi-million dollar asset. The new equipment represented a core process in their new business development; therefore it was essential that its launch be a success.

The Solution

The purchased equipment presented unique challenges for installation and commissioning. The clients experience with installations requiring these special processes was limited at best. The latest projections saw them falling behind schedule to the project plan.

The client needed IET to help get the project back on track. IET’s first order of business was to identify the key issues and risks. There were several logistical and technical concerns, but the common theme was the lack of expertise or familiarity with the equipment and finding a local installer had become a difficult task.

IET leveraged its extensive experience in project management, manufacturing processes and product launches to lead the project back on schedule. Coordinating with the client’s equipment vendors and calling upon IET’s resources, ideas that hadn’t been considered previously were presented to the project team. By utilizing IET’s network of solutions the client was able to get back on track and avoid the potential delay in product launch of 2 months that they were desperately trying to avoid.

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