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Case Study 8-04334

Road warriors drive down transportation costs.

IET engineers went on the road across the country to introduce client personnel to a new transportation management system, its benefits and how to use it.

The Customer

A company that manufactures a wide range of products such as residential furnishings, commercial fixturing and industrial materials.

The Challenge

As a company, the customer spends millions of dollars annually on outbound transportation and almost all of it was managed at the hundreds of small plants located across the country. No centralized system captured actual freight movements from one location to another, so the company was unable to negotiate volume discounts with regional and national carriers. To begin the process of controlling and reducing overall transportation costs, the corporate transportation group sought to implement a new, centralized transportation management system at all locations. One or more people at each location needed individual, face-to-face instruction on using the new system for Truckload, Inter-modal, and LTL freight shipments. The initiative’s success depended on everyone understanding the benefits of the new system and knowing how to use it properly.

The Solution

IET engineers provided the training support that was necessary to achieve a successful system implementation. Their industrial engineering background equipped them with an understanding of operations and systems, a combination that accelerated their learning curve. After just two weeks of intense preparation, one week in the classroom and one week in the field, each engineer was on the road with his or her own locations to train. Given the number of locations and follow-up visits, IET’s support lasted up to 18 months.

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