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Case Study 7-04369

Quality system audits improve customer confidence.

IET was commissioned to perform quality audits for two automotive supplier plants.

The Customer

This privately-held company offers customers more than 100 years of combined experience in the automotive business. The trim manufacturing conglomerate operates manufacturing facilities throughout North America, Europe and Asia and is the largest manufacturer of chrome plated plastic parts for the automotive industry in North America. Their processes include injection molding, chrome electroplating and assembly.

The Challenge

The supplier’s customer, one of the big three, had lost confidence that two of their plants could consistently supply quality parts. Warranty data was showing plating and injection molding defects that weren’t being prevented and caught by the current quality system. If improvements weren’t made, expensive containment would be required and future business jeopardized. The customer and supplier decided to hire an independent, third party auditor to verify that the current quality system was being followed and that the current quality system was adequate to prevent and catch any defects that might be produced.

The Solution

IET, Inc. was commissioned to perform the quality audits for the two supplier plants. The objective of the project was to document conformance to current quality standards, find holes in the current quality system that might lead to warranty returns, offer suggestions for improvement and compare practices between the plants. Scorecards were issued each day to track audit progress and provide feedback to the supplier and customer. The audits resulted in process and quality system improvements, recognizing best practices between the plants, and in restoring the automotive company’s confidence in the plant’s quality system.

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