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Two Minute Drill Book
Whether it's Six Sigma certification, business process reengineering or applying lean production techniques, our insights can be found in the book "Human Resource Improvement: Developing a Two-Minute Drill Mindset Towards Change" and in numerous prominent trade publications. Some of these publications are listed below.
Analytics for process design and improvement

Authors: Timothy Stansfield, Ronda Massey and Andrew Aitken; ISE Magazine, June 2017, pp. 44-48.

Get More From the Future: A Proper Simulation Process, Led Well, Can Generate True Organizational Learning

Authors: Stansfield, Timothy; Massey, Ronda; and Jamison, David.; IE Magazine, March 2014.

Industrial Facilities and Processes: Are You Winning on Both Fronts?

Authors: Louise Schlatter, SSOE Group; Tim Stansfield, IET Inc.; ReliablePlant, July 29 2011, Web.

Life Support for Hospital Staff

Authors: Timothy C. Stansfield, Ronda Massey and Joshua Manuel; Industrial Engineer, February 2011, pp.28-33.

The Two-Ten Incentive Strategy

Author: Timothy C. Stansfield; Industrial Engineer, July 2010, pp.41-46.

Designing Better Performance

Stansfield, T, & Verner, D.; IIE, February, 2010.

It's time to take the Toyota Production System into operating rooms

Authors: Timothy C. Stansfield and Joshua Manuel; Industrial Engineer, April 2009, pp.28-31.

Quarterbacking Real and Rapid Organizational Improvement

Authors: Longenecker, C., Papp, G. & Stansfield, T.; Hesselbein and Company, Winter 2009.

Effective Manufacturing Improvement

Authors: Timothy C. Stansfield, Greg R. Papp, and Clinton O. Longenecker; Industrial Management, March/April 2008, pp.24-30.

Post-Change Analysis: Learning from Change

Authors: Longenecker, C., Papp, G. & Stansfield, T.; Developing and Learning In Organizations: An International Journal, Submitted March, 2008.

Rapid Human Resource Improvement: Developing a Two-Minute Drill Mindset Towards Change

Authors: Clinton O. Longenecker, Ph.D., Greg R. Papp, and Timothy Stansfield, Ph.D.; HR Advisor, November/December 2007, pp.25-32.

A Remedy to Fad Fatigue

Authors: Timothy Stansfield and Ronda Massey; Industrial Management, March/April 2007, pp.26-30.

Characteristics of Successful Improvement Initiatives

Authors: Clinton O. Longenecker, Greg Papp, and Timothy C. Stansfield; Industrial Management, Vol. 48, No. 5, September/October 2006, pp.15-30

Characteristics of Successful Improvement Initiatives

Authors: Stansfield, T, Papp, G, and Longenecker, C.; Industrial Management, Sept / October 2006

Entrepreneurship and Business Management in the Twenty-First Century

Authors: Stansfield, T.; Midwest Journal of Business, July, 2006.

The Effects of Goal Setting and Feedback on Manufacturing Productivity: A Field Experiment in Manufacturing Cells

Authors: Stansfield, T.C. and Longenecker, C.; International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, March/April, 2006, pp 346-358.

Solidify Startup Success

Authors: Stansfield, T.C. and Longenecker, C.; Industrial Management, March-April, 2003, pp.24-30.

Living Up To Expectations

Authors: Stansfield, T.C. & Leinbach, P.; IE Solutions, November, 2002, pp.24-30.

Why Plant Managers Fail: Causes and Consequences

Authors: Longenecker, C. & Stansfield, T.C.; Industrial Management, January-February, 2000, pp.24-32.

Barriers and Gateways to Workforce Productivity

Authors: Longenecker, C., Dwyer, D. and Stansfield, T.C.; Industrial Management, March-April, 1998, pp.21-28.

Illustrating Capital Budgeting Complexities With JIT Justification Data

Authors: Visscher, S. & Stansfield, T.C.; Financial Practice and Education, Fall/Winter, 1997, pp.7-12.

The Human Side of Manufacturing Improvement

Authors: Longenecker, C. Stansfield, T.C. & Dwyer, D.; Business Horizons, March-April, 1997, pp.7-17.

Quality Improvement Through Team Goal Setting, Feedback, and Problem Solving: A Field Experiment

Authors: Longenecker, C., Scazzero, J. & Stansfield, T.C.; International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management, Volume 11, Number 4, 1994. pp.42-45.

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