Case ID Title Description
5-07627 Simulation project reveals surprising result. An IET engineering team combined detailed work measurement and computer simulation to demonstrate that process variation can lead to unintended consequences when changing a production system.
5-10817 This simulation is just-in-time. IET delivered a simulation model as a tool for evaluating the scheduling mix of low volume products through a JIT cell on a daily basis.
1-09789 Be prepared by knowing the answer before you are asked. IET applied systematic work measurement tools to quantify labor savings opportunities.
7-10832 A tried and true formula for success: “Plan your work then work your plan.”. IET assumed a Project Manager role to assist an overloaded client.
8-09792 Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training. IET provided customized Six Sigma Training in non-traditional areas.
3-08741 Aggressive consolidation efforts enhance financial stability. IET delivered a facility consolidation plan that dramatically improved the company’s performance.
1-10812 Railroad car unloading capacity measured. A potential problem was seen with railroad car unloading capacity.
2-09793 Audit confirms company MOST standards. IET was an impartial third party to audit standards due to the local union questioning the accuracy of the production standards.
2-09804 Productivity Improvement. IET conducted work sampling, improved methods, created production reporting, and conducted Layered Process Audits to improve OEE levels.
2-10808 When in doubt, look at the data. IET helped resolve a dispute over job combinations by providing a thorough analysis based on data.
1-05498 Lean redesign avoids costly facility expansion. Sales forecasts indicated that business could almost double in five years. The current facility was already full, so the conventional solution was simply adding more capacity by building another facility. Instead, IET developed a solution based on lean principles that allowed the client to meet their operational and financial goals without adding brick and mortar.
7-00860 Flowing dollars to the bottom line. By changing the manufacturing process from batch to continuous flow, IET dramatically improved the customer’s responsiveness and business profitability.
1-99683 Designing for distribution. IET worked with Mueller Industries to develop a new facility layout for physical distribution operations that consolidated multiple sites into one location.
1-99860 Project management for facility redesign. IET worked with Sampco Companies to design a new facility, implement lean manufacturing, eliminate unnecessary labor and minimize customer lead-time.
1-11 Conceptual design implementation. IET worked with Owens Corning in Virginia to develop and implement a conceptual design.

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