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Case ID Title Description
3-11886 How best to resolve a disagreement? Let’s see what the data says. Fundamental engineering work measurement resolves a key management-union dispute
3-10842 Is the building worth buying? IET analyzed a client’s possible expansion ideas and delivered data which would help them to make an informed decision for their company.
3-10834 Plant consolidation in a seasonal environment. IET provided the data and analysis to prove the consolidation could be achieved.
1-10831 First hour full power. IET improved the startup productivity performance after a changeover.
1-08717 Frozen pizza maker reduces costs. IET examined and studied sources of waste to determine ways to reduce overall costs.
1-08721 Envisioning the “Could-Be” by seeing the “As-Is”. IET’s data from observing “the gemba” revealed substantial opportunity and pin-pointed where to focus improvement efforts.
1-08744 Pizza chain improves warehousing and distribution efficiencies. IET created a value stream map and performed studies to identify bottlenecks and waste in the system which in turn increased throughput.
3-10807 Cookie manufacturer reduces labor costs. IET conducted studies to justify staffing changes that reduced operator headcount by 5-6 people per shift on their flexible packaging lines.
3-10806 Cost cutting is one tough cookie. IET performed work sampling and time studies to determine the appropriate labor required on one specific line.
1-09778 Streamlining multi-facility flow. IET evaluated the current production system and worked with the new facility design team to streamline a new single floor facility design.
2-01968 Paying attention to details pays off. The client’s “Back to Basics” initiative stressed flawless execution in all aspects of the manufacturing process. IET’s skilled engineers utilized their training and expertise to scrutinize specific operational practices for any deviations from standard, which resulted in millions of dollars flowing to the bottom line.
1-04316 Understanding complex systems with computer simulation. IET helped its client increase packaging capacity 14% with no additional equipment by using simulation tools to understand complex interactions between production resources.
3-05475 Seeing is believing. Using fundamental industrial engineering techniques and shop floor savvy, IET showed this company how labor productivity could be improved more than 10%.

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