Case ID Title Description
1-10811 Achieving launch success through effective process and facility planning. IET provided industrial engineering leadership and support to develop launch plans that showed how to make it happen.
1-08723 A place for everything / everything in its place. IET worked with the Magna project team to develop a strategic and specific material storage, line delivery, and line stocking plan for a new interior program for Mazda Motors.
1-08698 Automotive supplier launches new program. IET provided hands-on support to ensure a successful launch of a new product.
3-10810 Planning takes practice. IET analyzed downtime in order to predict required manning for a future production line.
2-10813 Assembly Cell Optimization. IET conducted work sampling, time study, line balancing, and cell rearrangement to identify the root cause of late deliveries due to problems in the assembly process.
3-08756 Evaluating crewing plans proves beneficial. IET’s expertise with productivity improvement yielded a plan for reducing manpower by 20%.
2-10809 Teach your robot to work smarter. IET delivered a capacity model to predict the capability of their self guided vehicles to keep up with a scheduled increase in production volume. After the results were in, IET provided systemic solutions to improve their SGV’s efficiency by more than 25%.
1-09786 Plant layout drawing turned from trash to treasure. IET created an accurate and up to date plant layout drawing to allow planning for new programs that were forecasted to be launched at the facility.
7-09803 Are you properly locked-Out? IET’s Safety audit of all Injection molding operations and sub-assembly stations revealed the opportunity to create, update and install machine specific Lockout placards for all equipment as required by OSHA.
1-09780 When 24 hours is simply not enough. IET used data and design to alleviate a critical constraint in the customer’s production process.
1-2 Lean manufacturing. IET designed and led two 5-day Kaizen blitzes as part of Automation Actuator Division’s journey towards lean manufacturing
8-04383 Improving productivity through training. IET helped its client boost productivity by teaching fundamental industrial engineering tools and techniques to the client’s newly hired industrial engineers.
7-9 Quality system audits improve customer confidence. IET was commissioned to perform quality audits for two automotive supplier plants.
1-14 Value stream maps lead the way to savings. IET helped the customer create current and future state value stream maps.
8-06594 Training production supervisors overcomes obstacles. The training provided by IET paved the way for faster implementation of assembly line work assignment changes by including production supervisors in the process.

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