Case ID Title Description
7-04369 Quality system audits improve customer confidence. IET was commissioned to perform quality audits for two automotive supplier plants.
7-98601 Production supervision that is not overhead. IET provides shop floor Production Supervisors as a variable cost so the customer only pays for what they need.
7-96339 Safety first and always. Safety first and always.
3-02115 Strategic consolidation pays dividends. IET worked closely with the company’s owners to craft a manufacturing system that supported their growth strategy. The consolidated operation not only improved competitiveness, it positioned the company to achieve its business goals.
2-04311 Standardized work reaps benefits. By creating standardized work instructions for all operations on a key machining line, IET helped its client avoid the typical production inefficiencies associated with new operators and new equipment.
2-04374 Open 24 hours a day to serve you. A tier one supplier counted on IET to provide 24 hours per day support until they achieved their goal of doubling current throughput.
2-06583 When there’s not enough time in the day. So much to do and so little time. Sometimes, you do need an extra set of hands to get the job done on time. IET provided some “extra hands” with shop floor expertise to help its client meet a deadline with important financial ramifications.
2-7 Out the door in under an hour. IET developed an assembly process and final inspection system for an automotive manufacturer that completed production in less than an hour with 100% reliability.
3-02184 Supporting clients anywhere they go. A long time client of IET requested facility layout expertise for a proposed operation in Europe. IET’s engineers were on-site promptly and worked with the rest of the team to provide a business-winning proposal.
3-04342 Strategic planning pays off. IET helped this client avoid problems in the future by proving that their current facility could not support the new business already on the books.
1-7 Facility layout analysis saves money. IET worked with BorgWarner to determine if a proposed layout was justified.
1-8 Assembly line design is instrumental. IET assisted Lear Corporation in winning the Volvo instrument panel business.
1-06578 Getting the waste out - fast! IET’s client needed to boost throughput and labor productivity before either one became a serious business problem. Within three weeks, IET presented a solution that boosted throughput 33% without adding people, equipment or floor space. This quick action kept the client from possibly shutting down an OEM assembly line.
3-06524 Balancing responsibilities saves money. The client had an immediate need to generate cash flow and labor reductions were the target. IET was able generate $200,000 annual savings by rebalancing a major assembly line in two weeks.
2-06518 Right-sizing indirect labor saves millions. IET helped its client save $1.4 million per year by improving the true productivity of the material handling workforce.

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