Case ID Title Description
5-4 Simulating new production. IET delivered a simulation model as a tool for evaluating the capacity, WIP requirements and scheduling mix of a new model year product on a new final assembly line.
3-12921 Stamping operation running out of space. Stamping plant expansion challenges storage methods
2-07688 Who do you call when you need accurate work measurement? Someone you trust. IET’s expertise in work measurement and proven reliability were just what the customer needed
1-11914 Plan your work then work the plan. It’s the only way to go. Effective and timely layout planning enabled a facility consolidation project to happen without a hitch.
1-12927 Make-to-stock vs. Make-to-order? You have to do the math. IET’s fact-based analysis yielded a solution that enabled one facility’s available space and capacity to work in harmony toward a common goal
1-12931 Here is one deadline you simply cannot miss. IET was able to provide the engineering talent necessary to develop robust proposals on short notice and with quick turnaround
7-05430 Don’t be late for launch. IET provided the extra industrial engineering horsepower that DaimlerChrysler needed to ensure a successful launch of two new Jeep vehicle launches at the Toledo North Assembly Plant.
7-08724 Quality system auditing. IET conducted quality audits to find potential quality risks.
1-08728 Ergonomic issues resolved prior to launch. IET evaluated work elements for future ergonomic problems and developed solutions prior to launch.
1-08733 OEE studies tell the whole story. IET collected data to give accurate analysis of performance.
2-10820 Want a refund on your labor? IET delivered a true labor cost for an entire product line for an automotive supplier after a change in process specifications required a change in process production. The labor variance measured against the original quote to the automotive supplier yielded a price increase that was equal to $2 million in additional revenue to their business in 2010.
3-07669 The perfect launch. IET provided production planning and design engineering support to ensure on-time production and delivery of interior automotive components for the Mazda 6 vehicle.
2-09767 What is your standard? IET developed a model to create engineered production standards for current and future products.
3-07636 Consolidation requires an assessment of the entire business. IET prepared a detailed and interactive model to allow a management team to assess the possibilities of business consolidation considering the affects of capacity, conversion costs, capital expenditure, working capital, sales, and all overhead categories.
3-08749 Asset utilization driven to a new level. IET created an adjusted manufacturing plan and process that drove the OEE of capital intensive production up by nearly 40% to reduce costs and ensure on-time delivery of critical automotive components.

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