Case ID Title Description
1-10843 A model for nurses to get excited about. IET delivered a nursing staffing model designed to enhance flexibility and meet the patient demand exactly as it happens. The improved model will take the hospital from the 75th percentile to the 25th percentile in NHpPD; saving over $4.0 million dollars annually in nursing salaries.
1-10831 First hour full power. IET improved the startup productivity performance after a changeover.
2-10820 Want a refund on your labor? IET delivered a true labor cost for an entire product line for an automotive supplier after a change in process specifications required a change in process production. The labor variance measured against the original quote to the automotive supplier yielded a price increase that was equal to $2 million in additional revenue to their business in 2010.
3-07669 The perfect launch. IET provided production planning and design engineering support to ensure on-time production and delivery of interior automotive components for the Mazda 6 vehicle.
2-09767 What is your standard? IET developed a model to create engineered production standards for current and future products.
2-09773 Productivity Improvement. IET assisted the client in evaluating current performance, improving methods and processes and developing standards for chemical batch manufacturing, fill lines, and order picking.
3-10857 Go to the gemba; return with savings . IET applied its industrial engineering expertise to reduce labor in packaging
3-07636 Consolidation requires an assessment of the entire business. IET prepared a detailed and interactive model to allow a management team to assess the possibilities of business consolidation considering the affects of capacity, conversion costs, capital expenditure, working capital, sales, and all overhead categories.
3-10824 Process modeling. IET provided process modeling tools that allowed the client to perform “what if” analyses of manufacturing flow, storage and material handling during the conceptual design of the facility.
2-09775 On-time delivery. IET provided consulting services to a Midwestern tool and die manufacturer to improve delivery time.
8-09792 Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training. IET provided customized Six Sigma Training in non-traditional areas.
1-08752 Trim the fat – eliminate bad debt. IET’s client was creating large amounts of bad debt due to inefficiencies in their Medicaid pending revenue cycle. IET exposed weaknesses in the current process and delivered an optimized and standardized process. By implementing the improvement initiatives, the savings from the aging report is expected to exceed $500,000 annually for fourteen facilities.
1-08714 Setting the bar – standardizing for optimum performance. IET’s client needed to understand why they were performing sub-par in first case ontime starts for surgery. IET exposed weaknesses in the current process for scheduling surgery and countered with specific solutions for each area needing improvement. By taking a hands on approach, IET was able to deliver a plan to increase first case on-time start performance from 45% to 90% and ultimately increase the number of surgeries by 20%.
1-09788 Revenue cycle improvements. IET developed a simplified, robust revenue cycle process to improve consistency and reduce the monthly variance between accounts payable and accounts receivable by 50% yielding $500k in year over year savings.
1-09791 Driving revenue up the wall. IET designed a standardized patient inquiry and admission process for all skilled nursing facilities to improve the speed, quality and cost of the overall revenue cycle. The projected impact of this project on operating cost is estimated to be $150 million in 2011.

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