Case ID Title Description
1-09796 Emergency department got you up at night? IET measured the workflow paths, patient flow and professional interactions at a 24 hour emergency department. By creating cross-functional working areas and designing the appropriate staffing level and expertise, the emergency department was able to better serve their patients and in a more cost effective manner by saving $100k annually.
2-08700 Are you just going with the flow? IET delivered material flow designs to an existing facility that improved indirect labor efficiency by more than 20%.
3-08749 Asset utilization driven to a new level. IET created an adjusted manufacturing plan and process that drove the OEE of capital intensive production up by nearly 40% to reduce costs and ensure on-time delivery of critical automotive components.
1-08717 Frozen pizza maker reduces costs. IET examined and studied sources of waste to determine ways to reduce overall costs.
3-10827 Look before you leap! IET evaluated a start-up company’s ability to execute its production plan for a group considering a significant investment in the company.
3-08750 Plant consolidation analysis. IET provided studies to support a recommendation on where equipment should be moved to give the lowest overall operating cost and highest risk for success.
3-08741 Aggressive consolidation efforts enhance financial stability. IET delivered a facility consolidation plan that dramatically improved the company’s performance.
1-08721 Envisioning the “Could-Be” by seeing the “As-Is”. IET’s data from observing “the gemba” revealed substantial opportunity and pin-pointed where to focus improvement efforts.
1-08710 Watching what happens yields insights and answers. IET delivered real-life equipment performance data that answered the question, “How do we improve uptime?”
2-10829 Was that performance acceptable? IET performed time studies to create engineered production standards for more than 50 parts in one week.
2-07684 Positive correlation leads to increased productivity. IET delivered an efficient, flexible production process that could be measured and benchmarked for continuous improvement.
1-10811 Achieving launch success through effective process and facility planning. IET provided industrial engineering leadership and support to develop launch plans that showed how to make it happen.
1-10812 Railroad car unloading capacity measured. A potential problem was seen with railroad car unloading capacity.
1-08723 A place for everything / everything in its place. IET worked with the Magna project team to develop a strategic and specific material storage, line delivery, and line stocking plan for a new interior program for Mazda Motors.
1-09785 Embrace organizational change. IET delivered process solutions and an organizational structure to increase speed, quality and flexibility within the human resources department to better serve the customer.

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