Case ID Title Description
2-16221 Warehouse Methods Evaluation via Time Study. IET provided industrial engineering expertise in measuring the time required for warehouse activities required to load delivery trucks in order to evaluate and redesign standard work activities for improved throughput and flexibility
2-15197 Sales Representative & Delivery Driver Time Standards. IET provided industrial engineering expertise in measuring the time required for sales representatives and delivery drivers to perform their daily tasks in order to evaluate and redesign the routes to better serve the customer
2-11917 Standards Audit. Inaccurate Standards Cause Problems
2-12957 Standard Data. Production Standards Simplified via Standard Data
5-4 Simulating new production. IET delivered a simulation model as a tool for evaluating the capacity, WIP requirements and scheduling mix of a new model year product on a new final assembly line.
3-18 Big box facility design. IET created a production strategy, facility design and business case for a new production facility to support a newly acquired business.
3-19 Project plans confidential? Bring in the professionals . IET lead a manufacturing project team from process design through machine commissioning for a new international plant that was highly confidential. The plant opened on schedule, on budget and with quality.
3-20 Leveraging all your resources. The client was desperate for answers on their equipment installation project. IET leveraged their years of industry experience to lead the project back on schedule with solutions that hadn’t been considered by the client.
3-12921 Stamping operation running out of space. Stamping plant expansion challenges storage methods
2-11899 Who says standards don’t matter much? Revising standards for an incentive pay system paved the way for significant headcount savings
3-11886 How best to resolve a disagreement? Let’s see what the data says. Fundamental engineering work measurement resolves a key management-union dispute
1-11893 When you have a problem to fix, there is nothing like having data to guide your steps forward. Within two weeks, IET provided an improvement game plan for a critical production operation
1-11919 Optimizing equipment performance for little or no cost pays big dividends. Close scrutiny of a critical bottleneck uncovers opportunities to improve.
2-07688 Who do you call when you need accurate work measurement? Someone you trust. IET’s expertise in work measurement and proven reliability were just what the customer needed
1-11914 Plan your work then work the plan. It’s the only way to go. Effective and timely layout planning enabled a facility consolidation project to happen without a hitch.

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