Case ID Title Description
1-12927 Make-to-stock vs. Make-to-order? You have to do the math. IET’s fact-based analysis yielded a solution that enabled one facility’s available space and capacity to work in harmony toward a common goal
1-12931 Here is one deadline you simply cannot miss. IET was able to provide the engineering talent necessary to develop robust proposals on short notice and with quick turnaround
7-05430 Don’t be late for launch. IET provided the extra industrial engineering horsepower that DaimlerChrysler needed to ensure a successful launch of two new Jeep vehicle launches at the Toledo North Assembly Plant.
5-07627 Simulation project reveals surprising result. An IET engineering team combined detailed work measurement and computer simulation to demonstrate that process variation can lead to unintended consequences when changing a production system.
5-07618 Sensitivity analysis with simulation aids facility design. The perfect time to answer all those “what-if” questions is before you put a single machine in place. This simulation-based project provided the confidence to pursue a specific facility design strategy.
5-10817 This simulation is just-in-time. IET delivered a simulation model as a tool for evaluating the scheduling mix of low volume products through a JIT cell on a daily basis.
7-08724 Quality system auditing. IET conducted quality audits to find potential quality risks.
1-08728 Ergonomic issues resolved prior to launch. IET evaluated work elements for future ergonomic problems and developed solutions prior to launch.
1-09789 Be prepared by knowing the answer before you are asked. IET applied systematic work measurement tools to quantify labor savings opportunities.
1-08733 OEE studies tell the whole story. IET collected data to give accurate analysis of performance.
3-10842 Is the building worth buying? IET analyzed a client’s possible expansion ideas and delivered data which would help them to make an informed decision for their company.
3-10834 Plant consolidation in a seasonal environment. IET provided the data and analysis to prove the consolidation could be achieved.
7-10832 A tried and true formula for success: “Plan your work then work your plan.”. IET assumed a Project Manager role to assist an overloaded client.
2-10852 Work measurement and standards development. IET engineers assisted the plant and documented current operations. Industrial engineers developed job element breakdowns for each operator and conducted time studies to identify the amount of time required at each process step. The data was used to develop work standards as well as to conduct basic capacity analysis.
2-10825 Got a grievance? Discover what the data says. IET’s independent time study helped resolve a union grievance.

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