Case ID Title Description
3-02184 Supporting clients anywhere they go. A long time client of IET requested facility layout expertise for a proposed operation in Europe. IET’s engineers were on-site promptly and worked with the rest of the team to provide a business-winning proposal.
3-04342 Strategic planning pays off. IET helped this client avoid problems in the future by proving that their current facility could not support the new business already on the books.
1-99860 Project management for facility redesign. IET worked with Sampco Companies to design a new facility, implement lean manufacturing, eliminate unnecessary labor and minimize customer lead-time.
1-11 Conceptual design implementation. IET worked with Owens Corning in Virginia to develop and implement a conceptual design.
1-6 Solutions centered on savings. [p>Companies with multiple facilities can compound their savings by consolidating industrial engineering projects with IET.[/p> [p>BWAY Packaging invested less than $100,000 for IET to study five different facilities. The estimated return on investment per year: $1.4 million.[/p>
1-7 Facility layout analysis saves money. IET worked with BorgWarner to determine if a proposed layout was justified.
1-8 Assembly line design is instrumental. IET assisted Lear Corporation in winning the Volvo instrument panel business.
1-04316 Understanding complex systems with computer simulation. IET helped its client increase packaging capacity 14% with no additional equipment by using simulation tools to understand complex interactions between production resources.
1-05498 Four million reasons to enhance efficiency. Working with IET, Sunrise Windows enhanced production efficiency and eliminated the need to build an additional facility – a $4,000,000 savings in capital avoidance. IET solutions also generated $550,000 in annual labor savings.
1-06578 Getting the waste out - fast! IET’s client needed to boost throughput and labor productivity before either one became a serious business problem. Within three weeks, IET presented a solution that boosted throughput 33% without adding people, equipment or floor space. This quick action kept the client from possibly shutting down an OEM assembly line.
3-05475 Seeing is believing. Using fundamental industrial engineering techniques and shop floor savvy, IET showed this company how labor productivity could be improved more than 10%.
3-05498 Flex to demand for true variable costs. IET’s client needed the ability to adjust their costs on a weekly basis due to varied customer demands, a challenge of their industry. IET provided a direct and indirect labor plan that would allow a 35% flex up and down from average weekly demand, while ensuring that the skilled labor pool was motivated to support these adjustments.
3-06524 Balancing responsibilities saves money. The client had an immediate need to generate cash flow and labor reductions were the target. IET was able generate $200,000 annual savings by rebalancing a major assembly line in two weeks.
2-06518 Right-sizing indirect labor saves millions. IET helped its client save $1.4 million per year by improving the true productivity of the material handling workforce.
2-01972 Tackling overhead costs in the laboratory. IET demonstrated that industrial engineering tools and techniques can be used to improve indirect labor productivity in laboratory settings by providing detailed recommendations for lowering technician headcount by 25%.

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