Case ID Title Description
1-09771 Using teamwork to build consensus for process simplification. IET facilitated the development of a significantly improved administrative process within a large academic institution.
1-07654 Effective layout and visual control leads to significant printing production capability. IET provided industrial engineering analysis and facility design to meet a 100% increase in printing production capacity and warehouse and distribution capability.
1-08698 Automotive supplier launches new program. IET provided hands-on support to ensure a successful launch of a new product.
1-09787 Don’t get short changed. IET delivered process solutions to minimize payroll errors while increasing processing speed.
1-08744 Pizza chain improves warehousing and distribution efficiencies. IET created a value stream map and performed studies to identify bottlenecks and waste in the system which in turn increased throughput.
3-98660 Strategically align your workforce. IET worked with NASA through the federal SBIR program to develop a prototype for strategically aligning their workforce.
3-07667 Simplification, the total production strategy. IET provided leadership and team support addressing a total production improvement philosophy centered on simplification of product mix, production planning and scheduling, and process measurement and control.
3-10807 Cookie manufacturer reduces labor costs. IET conducted studies to justify staffing changes that reduced operator headcount by 5-6 people per shift on their flexible packaging lines.
3-10810 Planning takes practice. IET analyzed downtime in order to predict required manning for a future production line.
2-09793 Audit confirms company MOST standards. IET was an impartial third party to audit standards due to the local union questioning the accuracy of the production standards.
2-09804 Productivity Improvement. IET conducted work sampling, improved methods, created production reporting, and conducted Layered Process Audits to improve OEE levels.
2-10813 Assembly Cell Optimization. IET conducted work sampling, time study, line balancing, and cell rearrangement to identify the root cause of late deliveries due to problems in the assembly process.
3-08756 Evaluating crewing plans proves beneficial. IET’s expertise with productivity improvement yielded a plan for reducing manpower by 20%.
2-10808 When in doubt, look at the data. IET helped resolve a dispute over job combinations by providing a thorough analysis based on data.
2-10809 Teach your robot to work smarter. IET delivered a capacity model to predict the capability of their self guided vehicles to keep up with a scheduled increase in production volume. After the results were in, IET provided systemic solutions to improve their SGV’s efficiency by more than 25%.

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